Mailing list



What to bring?
Smart phones
Some cash for public transportation

Signed copy of our participants waiver

What to wear?
We are all about creativity so we want to see you put your minds to work. Show up on race day in your best

team costume - the crazier the better.  Remember there is molaa on the line!!

Is there a bag drop?
There will be no bag drop, so please come light and ready to run.

When and where will I collect my event packet?
There will be packet pick up at the registration booth on race day where you will receive your bib numbers. 

Please visit the RACE LOCATION page and click on your city for specific information on timing and location.

After you’ve finished the race we will award you your finishers swag bag!  

What if it rains?

A little rain never hurt anyone. Rain or shine the race is on. Make sure you check the weather prior to

the event and dress accordingly.

Is there an awards ceremony?
Yes there will be an award ceremony where we will award the top 3 finishing teams their prize

money. Before the race we will announce the winners of the costume contest!


First of all, why don't you tell me my starting location?

Keep your pants on. We will announce the starting locations for your specific event about 2 weeks before race day. We do this to make sure you eager beavers do not get too comfortable with the surrounding area to try and keep the playing field even.

Is there an age restriction?

Everyone must be over 12 and at least one member of each team must be over 18 years old. 


Is there race-day registration?

There is a cap of 500 participants per race, so make sure you get your registration in early.  Registration deadlines are listed on the locations page under your city.  There will only be same day registration if the maximum capacity of the race hasn’t been reached.


Team sizes?

You must enter as a team – no solo racers. Teams can consist of 2 to 4 people per team.


Can other people join the team after registering?

Yes, to join the team after a team has been created you’ll have to register as an individual and then join the team by following instructions on active.com.


Can the team captain set a password for the team?

Yes, you can make the team private and set up a password to join the team when on the active.com website.

Preparing for the event

How to get the Brains?
​Study your race area! Without giving too much away, you will be running and doing challenges around
the local area from the start location, so print out a map and stick it up on your wall – it could save you time on the day.

How to get the Brawn?
​Get you and your team energized!  We are all about healthy living and healthy lifestyles, what better way to use this event but as an excuse to get outside and get fit. If you need some inspiration or help with this we have partnered up with Unfair Advantage
Fitness, who offer workout videos/ fitness tips and also fun BOOT CAMPS to help prepare you for the event.  Please visit their website at www.ua-fitness.com.

Race Rules

How do the clues work?
​You must answer each clue to give you the location of each challenge which must be successfully completed. Depending on the challenge a staff member will check off your clue card (given to you at the start of the race) or a photo may need to be taken. You may use any means you can think of to solve the clues, phoning a friend, ask a stranger or surf the internet. 

Can we use public transport?
Yes, you may use public transport to get around the city (buses or subways).  No taxis, cars, bikes, segways, skates, skateboards, hoverboards or deloreans etc. 

Race cut off times?
​We expect teams will take between 2-4 hours to complete the race, and there is a cut off time for each event.  Please check specific event details on the Event page to find out this time.  If your team has not crossed the finish line before this cut off time, please make your way back to the start location and join in the post-race fun.

​Does all my team have to do each challenge?
Yes, to be in with a chance of winning the money, all team members must successfully complete each
task and the team must finish the race together. 

What is the refund and transfer policy?
​This is a nonrefundable event, but you may transfer your entry to someone else up to a week before. To do this, go to active.com and go to My Events, click on transfer to another athlete and follow the steps. Transfer can be made up to 24 hours before the event.

Volunteers and Sponsors

Working with Race Smart  
Race Smart test individuals both mentally and physically, if you are a personal trainer/gym and would like to be listed as an official training company for Race Smart, please contact us for more details.  

I am a local vendor and would like to have a tent at the event
That’s would be great!  We love supporting local vendors and are always looking to get local vendors participating in our post race expo.  Please contact us for more details.    

I would like to volunteer for Race Smart
Great, the more volunteers the better! Please contact us for more information.  

Sponsor Race Smart
We are always looking for local companies to get involved with our races.  If you would like to be one of our sponsors, please contact us.

Post race fun, swag bag and Awards


What’s included with my registration?  

First and foremost your registration gives you an AMAZING challenge to test yourself both physically and mentally as you conquer our exciting race and challenges. But if that is not enough you will also get:

  • Race Bib

  • A post race swag bag

  • The chance to WIN BIG with our prize purse for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fastest teams

  • Entry into a free raffle to win a FREE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION for you and your team with our sponsor company – Unfair Advantage

  • If you’d like to receive one of our challenge shirts with your event it will be $12.00 more and you’ll need to select this option at the time of registration.  

The first three teams to finish the race AND have their clue card complete will win one of our cash prizes

1st place:  $250
2nd place:  $175
3rd place: $100  

There will also be a prize for the best team costume.  

Post Race Fun  
After your team has finished stay around and enjoy supporting other teams finishing.